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Dogface CoverDOGFACE 

Mia Matthews, the seventeen-year-old daughter of a survivalist family, is arrested when the government steps in to quell the nation’s civil unrest and is carted off to a covert facility where she’s questioned about her family’s presumed illegal activities before falling sick. She wakes up as the facility is being evacuated, unable to remember anything beyond the first few days of her arrival.

An accident allows Mia to escape her captors and reunite with her younger sister, Marcela. Together, they navigate the savage and deadly postmodern landscape to get back to the family safe house they call Sanctuary while piecing together not only what’s happened to them, but also what’s become of civilization while they were prisoners.

After weeks of trekking deep into the brutal Appalachian Mountains, they reach Sanctuary, relieved their ordeal is over and ecstatic to find most of her immediate family safe. Their elation is short lived when they learn their beloved Sanctuary’s overrun by outsiders. Desperate to rid Sanctuary of those who have no right to be there, her family unleashes a plan which may destroy them all.

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Written as B.K. Birch

Jordan's War 1861JORDAN’S WAR 1861

Behind official historical documents and studied texts, there are countless families whose lives were forever altered by atrocities and ruthlessness of war. Jordan’s War is the story of Jordan Sinclair, a twelve-year-old boy whose family endures and eventually triumphs during one of the most turbulent times in American history.

Virginia has seceded from the Union. The Civil War has begun. With no slaves in the region, the Sinclair family attempt to carry on as if nothing has changed. But even with their isolation from the battlefields, they cannot sustain neutrality as Jordan’s cousins and neighbors answer the Confederate call to arms. The harder they try not to align themselves to either side, the more the conflict is thrust upon them.

In all of this confusion, Jordan learns that family loyalties can either save their lives or get them all killed as lawlessness thrives and peace is a distant dream.

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Jordan's War 1862JORDAN’S WAR 1862

In Book 2 of the series Jordan’s War, the Sinclair family is ostracized and isolated after Jordan’s older brother joins the Federal Army and Finnian makes a deal with devil – black marketers and blockade runners – all in the name of survival. The family fights to maintain their dignity and faith while becoming a scapegoat for the suffering of their neighbors and an easy target for the Home Guard. Superstition and suspicion comes to the mountain and the battle rages on.

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Jordan's War 1863


In Book 3 of Jordan’s War, staples get scarce as the war continues, but the Sinclair’s carry on as they can. Worry grows when word comes that Jordan’s older brother is taken prisoner by the rebels and the family is divided even more when another Sinclair enlists.

While news of a territory secession and a new state of West Virginia, those on the border with Virginia and have family serving the rebel cause are angered by the betrayal, the Sinclair’s stay close to home, but even that doesn’t keep them safe as the battle comes home.

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