A Dose of Cuteness

I don’t know if everyone knows, but I volunteer at the local Animal Care and Control Kitten Nursery and love every minute of it. Here’s two babies from today:

There’s a kitten season as well, and it’s coming to a close. Saturday is the last day the kitten nursery will be operation as the last seven kittens will go to their foster homes.

I need a break because I volunteer during my lunch hour when I should be writing. But I’ll sure miss these little guys and gals until the Nursery starts back in May or June.

Oh, and there’s news! Lizzy got offered a Summer Internship at a Bank uptown. I’m so excited. She worked so hard on honing her interview skills. I’m really proud of her. It’s a great offer and she’ll really learn a lot. Joey’s internship turned into a full time career and I’m hoping, no, I’m praying hers will too.

On the writing front, I downloaded an eBook about writing a novel and plan to have my next novel plotted before January 1. I guess I’ll learn how to do it correctly and quit being such a panser. We shall see.

Well, my kitchen sink drain is clogged again so I’m off to boil water and see if I can clear it without calling a plumber. Wish me luck.

Bye for now.


A Huge Thanks!

I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who’s purchased my latest novel, DOGFACE, at ADogface Thumbmazon.com.

What? You haven’t got your copy yet??? Click here and go get you one!

Geez, I forgot how to do much of this blogging thing. It’s been so long.

I guess I left off with querying DOGFACE back in the earlier part of this year and there’s loads to tell. As far as querying agents, a YA Prepper novel wasn’t on their “want” list, so total rejection. Sooo, I published it myself.

I absolutely love the cover.

In other news, my oldest, Joey IS GETTING MARRIED! I’m so excited. I love, love, love his fiancé and they’re great together.

Jennifer is still in Raleigh and doing great.  She comes home often, but I still really miss her.

Lizzy is still in school and playing softball.  She doesn’t come home much at all.  I guess I miss her. Kidding, of course I do.

Jimmy got his wisdom teeth out today.  No videos but trust me, hilarity ensued.

Since Jimmy was in surgery this morning, I worked from home. It’s great to have such flexibility with the day job, but there is one problem . . .

Murph HelpingHere’s what I had to work around most of the day.

Murph, Lizzy’s kitty, is mesmerized by the mouse pointer. And when he wasn’t pawing at my screens, he made certain his butt was pointed square at my face. Silly kitty.

I got everything done on my to-do list so it’s all good.

Well, I hear Jimmy stirring so I guess I better go see how he feels, Ya know, the mom thing.

See ya later.


Quick Car Update

I finally got a call back from the insurance company and took my poor car to get an estimate. I hate driving it around with a “booboo”. I hope to get it fixed next week.

It’s been two days since Jennifer moved to Raleigh. I think she’s adjusting fine, but I’m really missing her. Of course we’ve texted daily.

Keeping with the New Years resolution, I sent out five more agent queries. I hope to finish my list this weekend and then move on. This book is a story about Preppers realizing their worst fear and sadly, most agents live in states with strict gun laws and I don’t think this story will appeal to them. We shall see. Perhaps there’s a rebel among them. I hope.

The new gym finally opened at my office. I went to orientation and signed a waiver but I doubt if I’ll use it. I’m in decent shape according to my Fitbit and I don’t think sweating my ass of in front of coworkers is a good idea. I’ll stick with my elliptical and free weights at home. Actually, I’m in EXCELLENT shape according to my Fitbit but I don’t like to brag.

Speaking of my Fitbit, those steps aren’t going to get themselves and I’m about 2500 away from my daily goal of 13,000. I guess I’d better get moving.

I’ll check back soon.


Happy New Year

2017 is a welcome change. 2016 wasn’t bad, but we always hope for better, right? I stayed home and started watching a new series on Amazon Video. I’ll leave the drinking, frolicking and subsequent puking to the young whippersnappers – as long as they stay off my lawn.

My car still has a crumpled back panel. A man came out to take pictures of the damage on Friday. They sent me an app to do it myself and I’m not above taking pictures of the damage for the insurance, but after I watched the five minute “how to” video, I’m like, why do I have to do this? Their client hit my car. So, I made a call and they had someone come out. I hope to hear back from the adjuster.

I have to say the damage wasn’t as bad as it sounded like it would be when the truck hit me. I think that says something about American Manufacturing. I expected the whole side to be smashed to hell, but it wasn’t.

This time last year we were driving the family to Orlando for a week of fun at Disney World and Universal Studios. Yep, four hungover kids plus a friend. We drove two cars because we all can’t fit into one. It was our first trip to Universal. It was fun, but they really need to take a page from Disney with regards to crowd control. Hogwarts and Diagon Alley were PACKED!

Here are some pics:

It was sooo much fun. I love Florida! In fact, one of my “bucket list” items is spending a week at the Animal Kingdom Resort at Disney World. I don’t have much use for princesses, but I love me some Animal Kingdom as well as all the other characters!

While there’ll be no week long vacay in Florida this year, we’ve planned something better for June. The vacations with all the kids are probably coming to an end, but they all glommed on this year. I hope they continue.

I’ll readily admit I love the New Year and all the resolutions. Although this year will see another kid leave our cozy next as she’ll be moving to Raleigh in two days. Two freakin’ days! It’s only two hours away, but I’ll sure miss her dropping by at random times. I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry . . . but I will be driving to Raleigh next weekend to see her place. Just for the day of course. My last name’s not Chrisley and I’ve never been called a helicopter parent.

Hell, half the time I never know where my eighteen-year-old is and he’s the one that still lives at home. But he has a part-time job and attends community college with decent grades, so I don’t hold the strings to tightly. But, his Ford F150 still has my name on the title if he gets too out of hand.

This week it’s back to the new book. I think I’ll outline this one instead of being a panser. There’s lots of arcs in this one and I’ll have to plot. I’ll also be sending out more agent queries. There has to be an agent out there somewhere. But if there isn’t, I won’t be discouraged. Positive thoughts leads to positive actions which leads to happiness. I won’t let the “Publishing Man” get me down.

Whelp, that’s it for today. Again, Happy New Year!!!!



Well, this just sucks . . .

img_1788So, I’m driving home in my baby of two years, minding my own business. Just so you know, I love this car almost as much as anything else in my life.

Leather heated seats, Bluetooth audio, Sirius XM, he’s so black and shiny and so much fun to drive.

Out of nowhere a Nissan Truck sideswipes me. I’m sick. The damage is technically minor and no one’s hurt, but it still sucks. I’m devastated.

Not only that, I had to file a claim with my insurance and then contact the other drivers insurance. They sent me a link to download an app to upload picture but by the time I got through will all of the questions and other bull-crapola, it was too dark to take pictures the way the app directed me to.






New Year, New Me Bullshat

I’m going old school and I’m back to blogging after a few years. No more Twitter (well not much) and my Facebook is personal.

Lot’s has happened since I last really blogged. All of the kids have graduated high school, two have graduated college, one has returned to grad school, one is moving to Raleigh to begin adulting in January, and I have two in college getting their Bachelors of something. Hubby and I are empty-nesters for the most part because we never see the one kid who still lives at home. He leaves crumbs, dishes in the sink, and dirty laundry or else we’d never know he still lives here. I also have a grand-cat named Murph who is just adorable.


Baby Murph

2017 is a year of simplifying and cutting back on how much I spend both cash and on credit. Amazon’s going to think I’ve died. Bye-bye packages on the porch every day. I will miss you.

Today I started with canceling my website hosting service and directing both bkbirch.com and brendabirch.com to this free blog. I’m also not renewing my paid email and sticking with gmail.

There are still a few things I’ll have to put on the credit card – Lifelock because some people are just shitty, Netflix, and Apple Music because I want my kids to still love me, but that’s it. Trust me, it’s a sacrifice.

On 10/14/2016, I finished my latest novel but so far there’s been no interest from agents. No matter, if there are no takers then it’s the self-published route for me. I’ll no longer leaving perfectly good stories lingering on a hard drive when I can make a little money with them.

Things I want to do in 2017. I’m not calling them Resolutions. Do so will be setting myself up for failure.

  1. Finish the novel I’m currently 100 words into.
  2. Rewrite an old novel and self publish it.
  3. Listen more, talk less.
  4. Laugh more, bitch less.
  5. Read, read, and read more. I can’t count the number of books I own I’ve yet to read.
  6. Work hard at the day job and NOT make anyone too angry.
  7. Simplify and streamline.

Sounds easy enough.