A Dose of Cuteness

I don’t know if everyone knows, but I volunteer at the local Animal Care and Control Kitten Nursery and love every minute of it. Here’s two babies from today:

There’s a kitten season as well, and it’s coming to a close. Saturday is the last day the kitten nursery will be operation as the last seven kittens will go to their foster homes.

I need a break because I volunteer during my lunch hour when I should be writing. But I’ll sure miss these little guys and gals until the Nursery starts back in May or June.

Oh, and there’s news! Lizzy got offered a Summer Internship at a Bank uptown. I’m so excited. She worked so hard on honing her interview skills. I’m really proud of her. It’s a great offer and she’ll really learn a lot. Joey’s internship turned into a full time career and I’m hoping, no, I’m praying hers will too.

On the writing front, I downloaded an eBook about writing a novel and plan to have my next novel plotted before January 1. I guess I’ll learn how to do it correctly and quit being such a panser. We shall see.

Well, my kitchen sink drain is clogged again so I’m off to boil water and see if I can clear it without calling a plumber. Wish me luck.

Bye for now.


A Huge Thanks!

I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who’s purchased my latest novel, DOGFACE, at ADogface Thumbmazon.com.

What? You haven’t got your copy yet??? Click here and go get you one!

Geez, I forgot how to do much of this blogging thing. It’s been so long.

I guess I left off with querying DOGFACE back in the earlier part of this year and there’s loads to tell. As far as querying agents, a YA Prepper novel wasn’t on their “want” list, so total rejection. Sooo, I published it myself.

I absolutely love the cover.

In other news, my oldest, Joey IS GETTING MARRIED! I’m so excited. I love, love, love his fiancé and they’re great together.

Jennifer is still in Raleigh and doing great.  She comes home often, but I still really miss her.

Lizzy is still in school and playing softball.  She doesn’t come home much at all.  I guess I miss her. Kidding, of course I do.

Jimmy got his wisdom teeth out today.  No videos but trust me, hilarity ensued.

Since Jimmy was in surgery this morning, I worked from home. It’s great to have such flexibility with the day job, but there is one problem . . .

Murph HelpingHere’s what I had to work around most of the day.

Murph, Lizzy’s kitty, is mesmerized by the mouse pointer. And when he wasn’t pawing at my screens, he made certain his butt was pointed square at my face. Silly kitty.

I got everything done on my to-do list so it’s all good.

Well, I hear Jimmy stirring so I guess I better go see how he feels, Ya know, the mom thing.

See ya later.