Quick Car Update

I finally got a call back from the insurance company and took my poor car to get an estimate. I hate driving it around with a “booboo”. I hope to get it fixed next week.

It’s been two days since Jennifer moved to Raleigh. I think she’s adjusting fine, but I’m really missing her. Of course we’ve texted daily.

Keeping with the New Years resolution, I sent out five more agent queries. I hope to finish my list this weekend and then move on. This book is a story about Preppers realizing their worst fear and sadly, most agents live in states with strict gun laws and I don’t think this story will appeal to them. We shall see. Perhaps there’s a rebel among them. I hope.

The new gym finally opened at my office. I went to orientation and signed a waiver but I doubt if I’ll use it. I’m in decent shape according to my Fitbit and I don’t think sweating my ass of in front of coworkers is a good idea. I’ll stick with my elliptical and free weights at home. Actually, I’m in EXCELLENT shape according to my Fitbit but I don’t like to brag.

Speaking of my Fitbit, those steps aren’t going to get themselves and I’m about 2500 away from my daily goal of 13,000. I guess I’d better get moving.

I’ll check back soon.