New Year, New Me Bullshat

I’m going old school and I’m back to blogging after a few years. No more Twitter (well not much) and my Facebook is personal.

Lot’s has happened since I last really blogged. All of the kids have graduated high school, two have graduated college, one has returned to grad school, one is moving to Raleigh to begin adulting in January, and I have two in college getting their Bachelors of something. Hubby and I are empty-nesters for the most part because we never see the one kid who still lives at home. He leaves crumbs, dishes in the sink, and dirty laundry or else we’d never know he still lives here. I also have a grand-cat named Murph who is just adorable.


Baby Murph

2017 is a year of simplifying and cutting back on how much I spend both cash and on credit. Amazon’s going to think I’ve died. Bye-bye packages on the porch every day. I will miss you.

Today I started with canceling my website hosting service and directing both and to this free blog. I’m also not renewing my paid email and sticking with gmail.

There are still a few things I’ll have to put on the credit card – Lifelock because some people are just shitty, Netflix, and Apple Music because I want my kids to still love me, but that’s it. Trust me, it’s a sacrifice.

On 10/14/2016, I finished my latest novel but so far there’s been no interest from agents. No matter, if there are no takers then it’s the self-published route for me. I’ll no longer leaving perfectly good stories lingering on a hard drive when I can make a little money with them.

Things I want to do in 2017. I’m not calling them Resolutions. Do so will be setting myself up for failure.

  1. Finish the novel I’m currently 100 words into.
  2. Rewrite an old novel and self publish it.
  3. Listen more, talk less.
  4. Laugh more, bitch less.
  5. Read, read, and read more. I can’t count the number of books I own I’ve yet to read.
  6. Work hard at the day job and NOT make anyone too angry.
  7. Simplify and streamline.

Sounds easy enough.